BVM offers flexibility in choosing the best suited hiring model to our clients.



You will get charged as per the time period spent on the task.

Part time

Part time

You can hire us part time as well and you will be charged according to the time spent on the project.

Full time

Full time

We will be available for full time with dedication to your project. Your billing will be as per project.



We work on hourly basis as well so you can hire us for specific hours.

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BVM is a leading Angularjs development service provider with a team of dedicated and enthusiastic developers who deliver high-quality solutions. We work with cutting-edge technologies and tools to create applications that are fast, secure, simple to use, and highly interactive. We have successfully delivered result-driven projects to clients as a top AngularJS development company.

AngularJS is a robust framework for building business applications. The framework for developing high-end and complex web application interfaces. Our web developers provide highly scalable and dependable applications and websites.

When you need to hire AngularJS developer, contact us right away to learn more about what we have to offer. We deliver on-time and within budget AngularJS development services. Hire an angularJS developer from BVM on an hourly or periodic basis, depending on your business's needs.

  • Javascript knowledge
  • Understanding of frameworks
  • HTML and CSS knowledge
  • Front-end experience is required.
  • Familiarity with the MVC framework
  • Cross-browser compatibility expertise
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On-boarding process - Building long-term partnerships

Hire us for following AngularJS development Solutions

Custom angularJS applications

Custom angularJS applications

Utilize our developers to create highly secure, robust, and high-performance web applications.

Social Applications

Social Applications

Recruit AngularJS developers with experience in creating highly creative and interactive apps.

Portal development

Portal development

Our AngularJS programmers can create an online portal for small to large businesses.

Music & Video Streaming Apps

Music & Video Streaming Apps

Our expert angular developers are well-versed in the most recent techniques and technologies for creating video streaming apps.

Marketplace Development Solution

Marketplace Development Solution

We have provided excellent service to clients worldwide in the area of marketplace development solutions.

Custom Widget Development

Custom Widget Development

We provide custom widget development services to meet the needs of your business.

Best Industry Experts

Our AngularJS developer has expertisation of various industry. They worked for many industries like education, health care, navigation, and many more app development expertisation we have.

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Tools & Technologies

Tools and Technologies used by our expert developer to develop the best AngularJS websites

Programming Languages

  • Javascript

AngularJS Designing Tools

  • figma
  • photoshop
  • sketch
  • XD

AngularJS testing tools

  • device-testing
  • functional-testing
  • performance-testing
  • Test-Analysis
Benefits of Hire  AngularJs Developers

Benefits of Hire AngularJs Developers

Hire AngularJs Developer from BVM Web Solutions means getting the best application, without any worries, over the expert team will provide the best and latest technologies to our clients. Our expert developers are taking responsibility for the overall work of our client, they provide updates on a daily basis for knowing the status of the project by the client. Daily updates are helpful in getting the best result, this client can check the project from the initial level to the end, and if any changes are required they can make them in it.

5 Easy step to hire our AngularJs developer

At BVM, we value your money; and hence, you only get what you have asked for. Thanks to modern methodologies, competencies in cutting-edge technologies, and to limitless resources, we deliver projects on time.

01 Raise Your Request
Raise Your Request
02 Communicate your need
Communicate your need/ requirement
03 Select the candidate in hub
Select the candidate in hub
04 Finalizing the terms & Condition
Finalizing the terms & Condition
05 Assign and Start
Assign and Start
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Why hire from BVM

On-boarding process - Building long-term partnerships


Qualified, Experienced and certified resources


Flexible Model of hiring


Effective development


Monitor team’s performance on regular basis


Track project status with Project management tools


Fast and easy mode of Communication


Flexibility of timing


Cost friendly


Technical support


Secured working area




Optimized Coding


Mainly Concerned about Deadlines


Focus on your confidentiality


Using Updated and recent technologies


Work according to the available scope

Development Process

  • Requirement posting

    Requirement posting and initial discussion


  • 2.

    Signing up the deal completeing the project with dedication and specific plan.

    Signing up the deal
  • Project analysis

    Project analysis and consultation with domain experts


  • 4.

    Agile sprint execution and delivery

    Agile sprint execution
  • Agile team approval

    Agile team approval & project deliverables defined


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